Toni Catany. El temps i les coses

2015 – 55 min.
Dir: Cesc Mulet
Català – Español – English – Français


Toni Catany (1942-2013). Por la fotografía deja sus estudios de química. Su primera exposición individual fue en la galería Aixelà de Barcelona en 1972. Así empieza una carrera profesional que se hace internacional al ser nombrado Caballero de las Artes y las Letras en Francia en 1991. En España tiene el Premio Nacional de Fotografía 2001. El mismo año la Generalitat de Catalunya le concede el Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas y en 2002 el MNAC, Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya le organiza una muestra de toda su trayectoria. En 2003 el Gobierno de las Islas Baleares le otorga el Premio Ramón Llull.


«All of my pictures are autobiographical, whether they portray a body or a peach. When I feel the need to express myself, the pictures I take must enter through my heart.»

Toni Catany was born in Llucmajor (Majorca) in 1942. In 1967 he began working as a photographer, creating travel reports for the publications ‘La Vanguardia’ and ‘Destino’. He had his first exhibition in 1972, which was followed by over 200 more all around the world. Distinguished by his wandering spirit, he is known for his fondness for the landscapes and peoples of the Mediterranean. He is particularly interested in the photographic techniques of the 19th century and experiments with a variety of techniques, ranging from calotype through to more modern methods such as Polaroid. He frequently uses this last technique for portraying nudes, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. He died in Barcelona on 14 October 2013.