‘Lemon bread with poppy seeds’ ends filming in Mallorca

Director Benito Zambrano’s latest film leaves Mallorca after several weeks of filming. The production, by Filmax and La Perifèrica, has received technical support from the Mallorca Film Commission and sponsorship from the Mallorca Tourism Foundation.

The latest film by director Benito Zambrano (Solas, Habana Blues, The Sleeping Voice) finished filming this first week of December, after several on the island.

As reported yesterday by the Consell de Mallorca in a press release, it is the feature film ‘Pan de limón con semillas de amapola’, which has received technical support from the Mallorca Film Commission, as well as sponsorship from the Mallorca Tourism Foundation that will be effective in 2021.

This filming, he has highlighted, shows that Mallorca continues to be a high-performance set, everything and the situation derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

The filming, the production of which has been carried out by Filmax and Periférica, has contributed to reactivating Valldemossa, the main location of the film, which for weeks has been filled with a large team, which has helped to improve the economic data of the municipality .

Valldemossa, the epicenter of filming

In this way, this project has represented an economic injection, which has included technical staff and local talent, as well as promotional ones, since Valldemossa and Mallorca appear in the project as another protagonist.

Regarding the story of the film ‘Pan de limón con semillas de amapola’, the Consell explained yesterday that it is based on the book of the same name by Cristina Campos, and tells the story of two sisters, Anna and Maria, who meet again during a winter after for 15 years without seeing each other, to sell a mill and an oven that they have inherited from a stranger.

The film is full of Mallorcan landscapes and characters, which, added to the direction of Benito Zambrano, guarantees for the institution the promotion of Mallorca through the screen and a long and prosperous run, national and international, for the film.

However, the Consell de Mallorca also highlighted that the recording has complied with all anti-covid measures, and that, through PCR, safety distance, disinfection, use of a mask and bubble groups, any significant incidence of the virus in the filming.

  • Diario de Mallorca – 07/12/20