20 years dreaming of La Perifèrica

The audiovisual production company celebrated the anniversary yesterday with friends, colleagues and many peripherals.

La Perifèrica grows up in the summer of 1997 between swimming in a pool and trips to Florence. “We had to make a change of record and we decided to start again, at forty years old; one thing, by the way, highly recommended, is to leave your backpacks”, recalls the director, Cesc Mulet. Then it was Pep Nadal, Jaume Mir, Cesc Mulet and a short time later Jaume Caldentey joined them.

“During these twenty years, I’m excited about the amount of peripherals we’ve created. We were already mature, so we decided to surround ourselves with young people, people that we have been incorporating into the production company. We are currently seven partners, on paper. But we are 111, 222 or 333 of them, a big family”, he points out.

The director Cesc Mulet takes advantage of the ephemeris, therefore, to take stock of these two decades: “As in everything, there is a double look: on the one hand, the hardest one, which is to survive, and on the other , the splendid, which is to live in a profession that involves believing it, is a vocation. The great wonder of being in La Perifèrica for 20 years is living it”.

During these two decades, La Perifèrica has worked on documentaries about the figures and works of Joan Miró, Toni Catany, Antoni Gaudí, Josep Lluís Sert, fra Juníper Serra, Joan March, Pere Capellà, Ramon Llull and Miquel Barceló with an intimate look, own In television, they have made programs such as Aire, about popular culture; Palma pam a pam, Neighbourhoods, Doublers and words, Un lloc lloc, Que te creus que te crec, among many other audiovisual productions that have been weaving.

Cesc Mulet is the soul of La Perifèrica: “That’s what they say, I say we are its mother superior.” However, it is a very collective and very feminine work, too. In the history of the production company, there is always a dominant woman, the world is feminine, La Perifèrica is feminine”, she says.

“We have like a kind of saying or metaphor; we say that we wax, dye, shave our beards, put on wigs, we live in a small big country in which one cannot be selective, art is indeed selective, but La Perifèrica is a sum of arts that works audiovisual, but we have also done websites, graphic design, organized exhibitions, etc.”. He also highlights “the number of musicians with whom we have collaborated; it’s incredible, we could put together the discography of La Perifèrica”, smiles the director.

Peripherals are from the good party. Yesterday, to commemorate twenty years, they had a party at the production company’s facilities, in the Terreno de Palma, near the forest. “On the outskirts of the city, which is where we should be”, he says. Friends and colleagues participated in the sale. The image that accompanied them was that of Pere Joan, who made a poster about the ephemeris; ten years ago it was Max who prepared it: “When we were in la Calatrava, on Carrer de la Pelleteria, we went outside to have an alfresco dinner to celebrate”, recalls Mulet, who was once again the host.

“Every piece I create is a work of craftsmanship or goldsmithing, everything is very polished,” says the director. And this is the task that defines La Perifèrica, a close, rooted, dreamy production company. For many more years.