A Perfect Day

Title: A Perfect Day

Duration: 10, 20, 60 sec

Year: 2022

Genre: Advertising

EMAYA, Ecoembes

Un dia redo

EMAYA City Council of Palma. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

EMAYA is a municipal public company of Palma City Council. Its functions consist of managing the public services provided to citizens relating to:

  • Integral water cycle: supply of drinking water, sanitation, purification of waste water and reuse of the by-products of these processes.
  • Urban quality: selective collection of waste and street cleaning, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency, within a framework of sustainability.
  • Energy and mobility: supply of renewable energy to meet all electricity and gas consumption of the Palma City Council (developing commercialization and generation activities), as well as the provision of infrastructure to promote sustainable mobility (electric vehicle , biogas, etc.).