We tell stories through film and television.

“We cook every day”

For more than 25 years, we have been creating, producing and co-producing audiovisual content with a special interest in culture and artistic histories. Throughout all these years we have produced and made feature films and short films, documentaries, television programs, advertising and corporate spots, artistic and musical videos,… with a special interest in culture and artistic stories.
We have long-standing professionals and the collaboration of emerging talent that gives us the enthusiasm we never want to lose.

20 anys
20 years of La Perifèrica

La Perifèrica Produccions

See the world from the periphery

Cinematographically, we highlight YO (Rafa Cortés, 2007), Isla Bonita (Fernando Colomo, 2015), La vida livre (Marc Recha, 2017), Formentera Lady (Pau Durà, 2018), Ardara (Ramon Fransoy and Xavier Puig, 2019); the short film Forastera (Lucía Aleñar, 2020) selected at Semaine de la Critique, Cannes; The belly of the sea (Agustí Villaronga, 2021) winner of 6 Biznagas at the Malaga Festival, including Best Film; QUEST (Antonina Obrador, 2023).

And currently in production: Forastera (Feature. Lucia Aleñar), Arca (Short. Antonina Obrador, 2023).
And in co-production Las chicas de la estación (Juana Macías, coming soon)

Documentaries such as Phantasticus, the song of Ramon (2007), The phosphorescent traces of snails (2009), JL SERT. A nomadic dream (2013), Toni Catany. Time and things (2015), The Bishop, the architect and the baldachin. Gaudí in the Cathedral of Mallorca (2015), The suitcase of Madame Colette (2019), Behind the shadow of Natacha Rambova (2019), Drawing Max (2020), William Waldren, the alchemists footprint (2021), Mrs. Death (2021), La Germania. Mallorca 1521-1523 (2022), Death in the Island (2023), Portraits from paradise. Veronica More & Tom Weedon (2023).

And currently in production: Signs in the sand. Mallorca 1983; Compass of silence. Jean Marie del Moral-Miquel Barceló; The little pawn, …

Our productions have traveled and won awards at the most recognized international festivals: from Cannes to Toronto, via Tällin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Toulouse, Mexico and a long list of others.

In the television field, we have several debate series, documentary and fiction series, currently: Sabies que…? (Did you know that…?) entertainment program 20 ch. x 30 min, Dinamo cultural outreach program 10 ch. x 30 min.

Our Team

The team, which has been working at the head of La Perifèrica for more than 25 years, is made up of a group of people with extensive experience in the audiovisual world.

Cesc Mulet

CEO, director, screenwriter and producer

Núria Cano

Chief of production

Chief of production

Montse Rodríguez

Executive production and cost controller

Jaume Caldentey

Cinematographer, camera operator and photographer

Roberto Rodríguez

Editing and motion graphics

Production and head of post-production