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  • Quest


    Lluc llega a la isla deshabitada de Quest, donde se dice que habitan elementos sobrenaturales, para estudiar la flora y la fauna. Pero pronto se dará cuenta de que su búsqueda es hacia los fantasmas que habitan su interior. Read more →

  • Coal


    This exhibition combines the film Carbón, a story of MAX and Cesc Mulet, where the artist’s imagination is recreated, with the exhibition space. Read more →

  • Ark


    Arca shows us the days in which Blanca must make a decision that will shape her future, that of her daughter and possibly that of humanity. Read more →

  • The belly of the sea

    The belly of the sea

    The background of this film is inspired by real events, the wreck of the Méduse that inspired the painting La rafta de la Medusa by Théodore Géricault. Read more →

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