La Germania. Open case

Title: La Germania. Cas obert. Mallorca 1521-1523.

Duration: 57 min

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 2x 50min (TV version)

VO: Catalan

Target: All audiences

La Germania. Cas obert

Direction: Cesc Mulet

Screenplay: Emilio López and Cesc Mulet

Historical advisor: Albert Cassanyes

Director of photography and camera: Jaume Caldentey

Sound and post-production sound: José Miguel Puigserver

Edition: Ángel García

Production: Xesca Rebassa, Núria Cano

Narrator: Toni Pons

A production by La Perifèrica Produccions in co-production with Consell de Mallorca and IB3 Televisió de les Illes Balears with the participation of the Inca City Council and Inca Principal Theater. With the special collaboration of Antònia Jaume, Margalida Arbona and Miquel Gelabert voice of Joanot Colom. Speakers: Margalida Bernat i Roca, Josep Juan Vidal, Bartomeu Bestard Cladera, Albert Cassanyes Roig, Gabriel Janer Manila, Guillem Morro Veny, Joan Riera Munar, Jordi Maíz Chacón, Antoni Ignasi Alomar Canyelles, Miquel Jaume i Ribes, Antoni Rodríguez Mir.

Trailer La Germania. Cas obert . Part 1

Trailer La Germania. Cas obert . Part 2


One of the characteristics that they say marks the character of the Majorcans is a certain fatalistic feeling that some authors attribute to the Germanies (1521-1523). The repression of this revolutionary movement was so intense that the common people erased it from popular memory as if it were a true psychological trauma. Precisely one of the proofs of this trauma is in the fact that no fables, tales, songs, poems or proverbs have been preserved about the set of events that surrounded it, when they are preserved from older historical episodes , such as those referred to James I or Saint Vicent Ferrer.

If there is a conflicting chapter in the history of Mallorca, it is that of the Germanies. Since the 16th century, the avalanche of opinions for and against this phenomenon has been remarkable.

This is the meaning of Open Case. It is an attempt to reread the already known documents; for this purpose, the sense in which certain information was written must be reversed many times, it must be re-read, it must be crossed with others that had been left aside and networks of relationships must be sought new With this work we will see that the twinned movement was not a free event and can be related to the movements of the twinned in Valencia within the Crown of Aragon, with the Communeros in the Crown of Castile and why not with others as far away as the ‘Hussite or the German peasant wars. 500 years later we are going to tell, with the media of the 21st century, a fairly unknown page of our history

La Germania. Cas obert

For two years, a popular revolt against the privileged classes unleashed a repression so cruel and long that it has not left any trace in the living memory of our day to day life. 500 years later we discover a fairly unknown page of our history. For many scholars, Germania represents the decisive step in Mallorca’s entry into the modern age.