Champion! Podcast

Title: Campeón! Podcast

Duration: 4 x 55 min.

Year: 2023

Genre: Podcast

IB3 Televisió de les Illes Balears

Campeón! Podcast

Campeón! is a new four-episode miniseries by the Aire! team about one of the most intriguing, controversial and elusive personalities of the small local cultural world, reconstructing his life through interviews and testimonies with the people who knew and treated him, weaving the biography of a central figure in the recent musical history of the island in the only possible way to approach something resembling the truth.

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‘Campeón!’, a podcast about the life of Toni Pla.

Toni Pla was the creator of the first major music festival in Mallorca, Isladencanta. And he also left many bills unpaid. Today he is missing. Campeón! is a podcast about his life through the stories of the people who knew him.

Joan Cabot, IB3 Radio journalist and Ciutat de Palma Award winner, is the creator of this sound product that delves into the sometimes quixotic life of this music promoter who brought The Strokes to Spain for the first time and had Oasis perform in Calvià in 2002, at the first large-format festival that Mallorca had, Isladencanta.