Mallorca 1983. Signs in the arena

Title: Mallorca 1983. Signes a l’arena

Duration: 61 min

Year: 2023

Genre: Documentary

VO: Catalan and Spanish

Target: All audiences

Mallorca 1983. Signes a l’arena

Direction: Pinxo

Script: Victòria Perelló, Pinxo, Cesc Mulet

Production: Núria Cano

Camera and director of photography: Jaume Caldentey

2nd camera operator: Jordi Pol / Ángel García

Mallorca 1983. Signes a l’arena

Juan A. Forés, Pinxo, from MallorcaNochentas, and Cesc Mulet, from La Perifèrica Produccions, sign a tape focused on the explosion of freedom and creativity that shook Mallorca.

The shadows, the grays, the fear… And suddenly, the 80s predict the colorful change that ends any suffocation.

The yearning for freedom and the unbridled creativity of a generation allowed, at the beginning of this decade, a cultural movement to be created in various parts of the Spanish geography that would fill bars, create schools and color everything what used to be black and white.

La Movida germinated in Madrid, but broke the barrier of insularity to also establish itself in Mallorca, where in 1983 a true artistic revolution began.

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first Palma City Council Pop Rock Contest, a key moment in this phenomenon, local and national protagonists remember what the Nueva Ola meant to future generations on the island.

Mallorca 1983. Signes a l’arena

‘Mallorca 1983. Signes a l’arena’ is a documentary focused on the explosion of freedom and creativity, the cultural and musical revolution that shook the island

The documentary rescues from the past areas of Palma that marked an era and a trend, such as Drassanes, Gomila and Es Jonquet, where a multitude of bars became meeting points for writers, musicians, artists, painters, activists and the public Generally. If music was “the main nucleus of the Movida”, occupying side A of that great history, drugs and AIDS became the protagonists of the other side, B, also scattered by the coup d’état of the 23-F and a galloping stop. “Everything was new and there was very little information and a lot of desire to discover things.”